Special Broadcast on Scoliosis and SpineHope

Special Broadcast on Scoliosis & SpineHope

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If you missed Dr. Matthew Geck's broadcast on Scoliosis; new, innovative solutions for Scoliosis; and raising awareness about SpineHope and our mission,

click on the link for the recorded podcast: http://www.seton.net/healthline/podcast-archive/. A special thank you to Dr. Geck for taking the time to discuss

this important issue and to KLBJ News Radio/Seton HealthLine for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness about SpineHope and our mission! Dr. Matthew

Geck is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Co-Chief of the Seton Spine and Scoliosis Center in Austin, and Board Chairman of SpineHope. 

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