Nicaragua Site

Partnering with surgeons both at the National Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital as well as the local Pediatric Hospital (known as “La Mascota”) SpineHope visited Managua, Nicaragua!

Host neuro-surgeon Juan Bosco is enthusiastic to inaugurate a spine deformity program and build his hospital’s capacity to care for children afflicted with conditions such as scoliosis, which unfortunately are being untreated simply due to high demand, poor access to resources and inadequate infrastructure and expertise at pediatric hospital centers. During SpineHope’s scouting mission in October of 2013 it was evident our presence and partnership was be an impressive worthwhile contribution to the status of spine care to children in Nicaragua. And the eagerness we felt from local staff makes this site a special one.

With a doleful national GDP and insufficient supplies- we anticipate that our commitment to Nicaragua will involve not only providing the medical professionals and our usual supply of medical equipment and implants- but an overhaul of disposable equipment such as gowns, sutures, scrub brushes etc.

The first medical mission trip was made October 4-11th 2014. However, we are still in the site development phase.

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