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If you are moved by our work or are interested in making a difference in the lives of children afflicted with spine deformities, please consider making a financial donation to SpineHope to support our projects. And since SpineHope is a 501(c)3 all donations are tax deductible. Individual donations make up a large portion of our budget and the generosity of our supports allows SpineHope to continue its mission and strive for a world where every child with a spinal deformity has an opportunity at a better quality of life. Together we can help alleviate pain, restore mobility, save lives and bring the quality of life all people deserve to those that have been afflicted with conditions such as scoliosis, which in some parts of the world unnecessarily reach severe degrees of curvatures simply due to a lack of access to resources and expertise. Do make a donation, click on the Donation link above.


SpineHope primarily has two types of volunteers. There are year-round as-needed volunteers that work locally to help with special events such as our annual fundraisers, and there are those volunteers that participate in our medical trips abroad. These latter volunteers consist of medical professionals that dedicate a week of their time and expertise to help run a surgical/clinical trip to one of our sites abroad. To volunteer, please send an email to


The most inspiringDenise way you can support SpineHope is pledging to support one of our programs,

patients or volunteers directly. Please look email us at to learn more.

You can change a child’s life in a big way!


Visit our events page for information on upcoming events!