1st Hub Patient’s Surgery is a Perfect Success!

Up at the crack of dawn today, the three of us braced for the freezing Austin weather for our short journey from the Ronald McDonald House to Dell Children’s Medical Center. The day had arrived and… and there still were so many emotions to be felt; but each nurse, co-waiting-room family, and doc we passed throughout the long day of waiting reassured us that we were in good hands.

And we in fact were. The surgical expertise of Dr. Geck and the competence displayed by all of the support staff easily gave our first hub patient, Arleth and her mother “Mabel” the faith they needed to part ways at the doors of the OR.

Some 5+ hours later we were buzzed to the nurse’s desk and were informed that the surgery was over and had gone perfectly. Dr. Geck elaborated that the case had gone without complications and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

Arleth though is still in need of our thoughts as she has only just begun her road to recovery. This evening will be a difficult start to an important healing process that will take weeks. Each day will bring with it more comfort and recognition of the benefits of having had such a major surgery.